T – The Thing About Yetis


The Thing About Yetis written and illustrated by Vin Vogel (2015)

Yetis love everything about winter, drinking hot chocolate, sliding downhill on their bellies, building snow castles, and pretending to be Godzilla. But even Yetis get too cold and wish for summer days, because the thing about Yetis is that they love everything about summer too. They love looking for sea creatures, sliding down watersides on their bellies, building sand castles, and pretending to be Godzilla. So when it get too cold to play outside in the winter, Yetis like to pretend it’s the warmest summer day and play indoors.



Cute story about having fun in opposite seasons, even though some of the activities are exactly the same. So no matter which season is your favorite, summer or winter, you can have fun just like a Yeti. Build a castle, pretend to be Godzilla, make yourself a nice drink, and slide downhill on your belly.


Plan an indoor winter fun day. Try some of these fun activities.


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play snow collage



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