Those Pesky Rabbits


Those Pesky Rabbits written and illustrated by Ciara Flood (2015)

Bear lived alone. He liked it that way. Then one day a family of rabbits moved in next door. He did not like that! Those pesky rabbits were always after him for some favor or another. Bear had enough and the rabbits got the hint. Now the rabbits kept to themselves… until they decided to make a gift basket for Bear. Bear enjoyed all the gifts and finally broke down and went to visit the rabbits with his own wagon of gifts. Now Bear and the rabbits are quite friendly. And Bear likes it that way.


Making friends can be hard sometimes. Take a hint from those pesky rabbits… finding out what the other person likes and trying to include them in those activities is one good way to make new friends.

Conflict Resolution is an important lifelong skill. Take a look at the extraordinary, Robin Williams explain conflict to the two-headed monster on Sesame Street.

Just for fun, make a Paper Fortune Teller to play with your friends. Be sure to include some compliments, some humor, and some surprises too.

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