T – Too Many Toys!


Too Many Toys! written and illustrated by Heidi Deedman (2015)

Lulu started off with just one toy, a teddy bear named Jupiter. Soon she was given more and more toys, for her birthdays, for Christmas, just about all the time, but Jupiter was always her favorite. Pretty soon Lulu had too many toys. She could hardly take a bath or sleep in her own bed. Lulu had so many toys she couldn’t play with all, so she decided to do something about it. Lulu had a gigantic toy give-away! She piled all her toys in the yard, made a big sign, and started giving toys away… all except for Jupiter. Now, Lulu had lots of space for a few more toys next Christmas.


I bet we all know someone with too many toys! Maybe this is a good time to organize those we want to keep and donate outgrown toys to your favorite charity. Be sure your little ones are in on the decision making though… you don’t want to accidentally get rid of something they truly love!

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