T – Toys Meet Snow


Toys Meet Snow written by Emily Jenkins and illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky (2015)

Lumpy the buffalo, Sting Ray, and Plastic the rubber ball encounter snow for the first time. Plastic has read all about snow and answers the questions Lumpy and Sting Ray have about the snow. But that is not enough, so they decide to go outside and experience snow for themselves. They feel the coldness, make snow angles, and watch snowflakes fall. They play until the sun goes down. Back inside they get warm and remember the fun they had in the snow.


Looking at something from a new point of view is a good learning experience for children. Maybe they could tell you what their favorite toy might think about the snow and what their toy might want to do in the snow. And of course, it good to get out in the snow for real (when possible) and find out for themselves.

Take some toys outside to play in the snow.potato-heads-in-the-snow p_101326085 d0d3554b9e7842651a7f56ec6b0309ae bb89e751f4256de321f8c93f4787e3a0 2009-12-29 15-50-51

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