Trombone Shorty


Trombone Shorty written by Troy Andrews and illustrated by Bryan Collier (2015)

Where Y’at? Troy Andrews tells his own story about growing up in New Orleans and learning to play the trombone. He found his first trombone when he was only four years old. His older brother, James saw him carrying around an instrument twice his size and called him Trombone Shorty. The nickname stuck. He practiced every day and started his own band with his friends. Then he started the Trombone Shorty Orleans Avenue Band and has played all over the world, returning every year to the New Orleans Jazz Festival where he got his start on stage with Bo Diddley when he was only a boy.


This vignette focuses on Trombone Shorty’s beginnings as a musician. In an Author’s Note, Troy Andrews discusses his history and his future as a trombone player. This information would be interesting for a child interested in music, history, or biographies.

Take a minute and find some of Troy Andrews’ music and listen to it with your child. Listen to some of Bo Diddley’s music too.

Find more examples of jazz to listen to as well.

Here are some photos taken of Troy playing his trombone.

Here he is on stage as a child, with Bo Diddley. d39e80d6000142e2fee0a6ca934ceebb

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