Turkey Trick or Treat


24833662Turkey Trick or Treat written by Wendi Sivano and illustrated by Lee Harper (2015)

One crisp Halloween night, Turkey and his farmyard friends see how easy it is for the trick-or-treaters to get candy. But try as hard as they might, they can’t seem to disguise Turkey well enough to trick the farmers into giving him candy. Then Turkey has a brilliant plan… he doesn’t dress up at all and convinces the nearsighted Mable Mayberry that he has the best turkey costume she has ever seen! Turkey struts away with a bucket full of candy to share with his friends.


Halloween is still almost 3 months away. But the stores have begun decorating and offering sales on candy, costumes, and all sorts of party paraphernalia. Time to get in the spirit with Turkey and his buddies.

Make a Turkey Snack Cup … Gobble Gobble! 16c79013953933291cebdea76dc76ae2

Play a game!f4dedda5ef2b8c99aa262de50290f8dd

Do a craft!cbd73a5a08a5e09e3665699806ff2fee

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