Two Mice


 Two Mice written and illustrated by Sergio Ruzzier (2015)

Two mice go on one adventure. With two words per page, the story unfolds as the mice find three cookies, three boats, two oars, one nest, two eggs, and three ducklings. The mice are shipwrecked, rescued, and return home to three cheers and one soup.


Repetition of the number words (one, two, and three) and visual clues help the youngest readers understand the story. And the simple two-word story telling pattern captures the essence of the story.

What are some real-world examples of when there were too many or not enough things to go around? When you make this cute shape mouse, be sure you have enough circles and triangles to go around or you’re going to have more than mouse tears to deal with!


Enjoy a hard-boiled egg mouse and cheese cubes with your story!6929a9cd0fbe5023eed9a677ce87fa9b

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