Uncle Eli’s Wedding


Uncle Eli’s Wedding written by Tracy Newman and illustrated by Sernur Isik (2015)

Daniel is antsy because he has to wear a suit and tie for his Uncle Eli’s wedding instead of working on his soccer skills. Uncle Eli and his soon-to-be Aunt Lilah are busy with the wedding preparations. Bubbe Tillie and Bubbe Millie discourage Daniel from bothering Uncle Eli. But Daniel wants a special job. Finally at the end of the ceremony, Daniel found the perfect job. He used his fancy footwork to help Uncle Eli break the glass. Mazel Tov!


So many wedding stories for kids focus on the flower girl or even the ring bearer. Here’s a story that just takes us through a little boy’s frustration with his uncle’s wedding keeping him from playing soccer with his uncle.

Have some fun with wedding traditions.

I wonder if Daniel enjoyed some of these Sephardic Snow Cookies at Uncle Eli’s wedding. You can whip up a batch for your little readers. 


With some help, little hands could decorated clear jars to make Mod Podge Candle Holders for the happy couple.f40a323eeb93edbe96469afa50758b8e

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