Vegetables in Underwear


Vegetables in Underwear written and illustrated by Jared Chapman (2015)

Everyone wears underwear… except for babies, they wear diapers (sorry babies). These vegetable show off their old, new, plain, and fancy underwear. Whether you’re a boy or a girl, no matter what you call them, we all wear underwear. And these vegetables proudly show-off theirs for our amusement.


I know a sweet little toddler who is going to love this book now that she’s transitioning to underwear. And incidentally, she loves her vegetables too!

Read it with your favorite toddler today!



Have an underwear party. Enjoy a rereading at snack time, in your underwear.

Or use veggie snacks as a reward for going to the potty. They’ll be in underwear before you know it!

These vegetables are wearing dip to our underwear party.


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