V -Very Little Cinderella


Very Little Cinderella written by Teresa Heapy and illustrated by Sue Heap (2015)

Very Little Cinderella is a toddler with a very strong personality! When her sisters tell her to clean, she says ‘no’. When her sisters tell her she can’t go to the party, she says ‘I do go’. But her sisters hire a babysitter, her Fairy Godmother, to stay with her while they go to the party. Very Little Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother helps her clean up her mess and gets her a snack. She agrees to take Very Little Cinderella to the party. But again, Very Little Cinderella is very opinionated about what to wear and how to travel. She chooses her favorite blue dress, her froggy raincoat, her stripey hat, and her lello boots. They go and have a wonderful time. And even though Very Little Cinderella doesn’t want to go home, her Fairy Godmother insists and carries her away at midnight. The next day, Very Little Cinderella is sad because she has lost one of her lello boots. Luckily, the Very Little Prince arrives at her door with a lello boot. She notices that he has boots too, black with big polka dots. They try each other’s boots on and find out they are a perfect match. Very Little Prince stays for a playdate and they play happily ever after.


Adorable twist on a classic fairy tale. Toddler Cinderella is precious! You can just hear her wail when she wants something she cannot have. The kindness of her sisters and the firmness of her fairy godmother are a departure from the original tale, but the lost boot and the happily ever after are a perfect fit!

Play in the rain puddles while the boot fits. But when you’ve outgrown your rain boots you can still repurpose them as cute flower planters.


Of course boots aren’t the only footwear which make good flowerpots.

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