Vincent Paints His House



Vincent Paints His House written and illustrated by Tedd Arnold (2015)

When Vincent decides to paint his house he takes out all his paints. But he can’t decide which color to use. At first he thinks he might want to paint it white, but is stopped by a spider who wants to paint the house red. Vincent thinks about all the different shades of red and thinks red is nice too. But the caterpillar wants him to paint it yellow, and the snake wants him to paint it green, and on it goes throughout the spectrum of the rainbow each animal wants the house a different color. Finally Vincent decides to use all of his paints and paints his house the way he wants it!


Not a biography, but certainly a good chance to introduce young readers to Vincent Van Gogh and all the beautiful colors artists use.

Vincent Van Gogh, Dutch artist (1853-1890) Most Famous Painting: The Starry Night


Help your little readers and artists create their own Starry Night.39fe6493e8e17ee9a3b45a8d59b382a3 33ec19ae930d087549828c6c6016ac1d a36c1a3465b9caf305348aa66d39f3e4 1087922f9be2d5605df7f618c7df1a2d


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