Virgil & Owen


Virgil & Owen written and illustrated by Paulette Bogan (2015)

Virgil finds a polar bear and want to keep him… all to himself. He does not want to share his polar bear with anyone else. He gets upset when his polar bear has fun with the terns, the seals, and the other penguins. Finally, the polar bear stops and tells Virgil that he will not be his polar bear. His name is Owen and he wants to play with everyone. Virgil has a fit, but when Owen asks him to play with them, Virgil does. Virgil ends up having a good time after all. He learns to have fun and Owen is not his polar bear anymore, Owen is his friend.

unnamedVirgil and Owen have fun playing on the ice, snow, and water. Although we know that polar bears and penguins do not live in the same areas this is fun to imagine. You can make a sensory tub of ice, snow, and water for your little ones use in their imaginative play. Even if you don’t have penguin or polar bear toys, you can add any small plastic toys or just play with the ice cubes and build towers or watch different colored cubes melt in the tub.


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