W – The Whisper


The Whisper written and illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski (2015)

One day a little girl notices a book on a high shelf. Her teacher tells her it is a magical book of stories and allows the little girl to borrow the book for the night. As she runs home, the words fall from the book, so that when she arrives only the pictures are left.  At first the girl is disappointed because the book does not have any stories, but then she hears the whisper telling her to imagine each story as she looks at the pictures. At first it is hard as the girl wonders what stories each picture holds. But then it becomes easier, and the stories come to her with vivid details. The girl falls asleep on the floor holding her book and dreaming of all the characters and details she has imagined. She wakes up late and rushes to school. Along the way she meets a clever fox who has a bundle of words lost from the book. The girl thanks him for the words and helps him get the grapes which are out of his reach. The girl returns the book to her teacher and the fox is pleased with how he managed to get the grapes.


Look carefully at each picture, the fox is there following the girl home, and whispering in her ear. He is also in each picture of the book. The final spread shows as scene from one of Aesop’s Fables and a very satisfied fox who has reimagined his own story.

Make a fox of your own and imagine your own stories.Toilet-Paper-Roll-Fox dbce78293455be75778c2efad7bb98a1 Cupcake Liner Fox Sq 5be9be5ee1b7d4bfdf58664938a33c35 3c4eb5d90a25aa18bdea8908948c24df

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