Wait written and illustrated by Antoinette Portis (2015)

A boy and his mother are running for a train. All along the city streets the boy notices things he wants to stop and look at, touch, taste, smell, and hear. But his mother is in a hurry. Finally, just before boarding the train, the boy notices a double rainbow and his mother stops and says “Yes. Wait.”


In our hurry-up-let’s-get-there-quickly world, we need to remember to stop sometimes. Pet the dog, smell the flower, taste the rain, listen to the big machines, touch a butterfly and for goodness sakes notice the double rainbow.

Kids help us grown-ups to remember to slow down and enjoy life.

View this YouTube Video for instructions on how to make a rainbow in a dark room. Then you can recreate the rainbow with your child.

Here is a science experiment about DENSITY. Adding food color to the different sugar/waters will not only demonstrate which waters are more/less dense, but can also create a beautiful rainbow. But you must work slowly and wait for the full effect!c5bd992a8691bccf5e1d8c0beaa35c88

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