W – Waiting for Santa


Waiting for Santa written by Steve Metzger and illustrated by Alison Edgson (2015)

Bear is a true believer. He is sure Santa will come, but he needs to convince his forest friends. Together they decorate a tree and prepare some snacks for Santa’s reindeer. They sit up late waiting for Santa to arrive. Just when they’re almost ready to give up, Santa swoops down. He is so happy to have a rest and a snack. He gives everyone a present. And just before he leaves, he asks Bear if he would like to help him deliver the rest of his presents!


Bear is a true believer, and he reminds us to keep on believing! They lift up the Christmas star to shine at the top of their tree. It’s the star that Santa sees from way up high in the sky. And Santa rewards their belief with gifts. As he leaves with Bear, Santa shouts “Merry Christmas everyone… and NEVER stop believing!”

Your little believers will want to make a star of their own when they finish hearing this story…

star ba5ecb5ec538e9040185554b34836b9f aabb3e26b41794320f02945c9c3e159f 47d1963a7a027caef9e69880b6ceac94 7e11fce544376dd2498da4293ce8a622 5dfe68d96f97b9ba7790bcd9f7a94e9f

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