W – Whatever Happened to My Sister?


Whatever Happened to My Sister? written and illustrated by Simona Ciraolo (2015)

The little girl in this story misses her big sister. Her sister is still here, but her sister is now a teenager and doesn’t have time for her little sister anymore. Little Sister tries repeatedly to get Big Sister’s attention. Then while she looking at old photographs of them together, Little Sister begins to cry. It’s then that Big Sister finally comes out of her room and invites Little Sister to listen to music and try on clothes. All of the sudden, Little Sister is beginning to look more grown up too.


This book is a departure from the standard ‘little sister’ story as it’s written from the little sister’s point of view. It deals with the separation of sisters as one becomes a teenager, but gives hope for the future as the older sister includes her little sister in some big-girl fun.

Is it time for big sis to let little sis in on some big girl secrets?550_101960606_w 550_101960601_w

Remind her that she’s still your little lovee7162793bac029d850dd2f7d043f6330

and will always be your friend!041f5a8c7c04be0ff8d9b61032908be5!

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