What’s the Time, Wilfred Wolf?


What’s the Time, Wilfred Wolf? written by Jessica Barrah and illustrated by Steve Smallman (2015)

Wilfred Wolf doesn’t know how to tell time and he’s been invited to a party at 3:00. He gets some help from some of his friends, but nothing seems to work. The cuckoo clock startled him and he dropped it on the floor where it broke. The digital watch lost its number when he got it wet in the bathtub. His friend owl agreed to wake at 3:00 but that was in the middle of the night, not in the afternoon. Poor Wilfred. Lucky for him, his friends came to his house to teach him how to tell time so he wouldn’t miss the party.



Learning to tell time is a major milestone in a child’s life. It’s easiest to begin with learning how to read the hour and then the half-hour on a clock. Later counting by fives will help read a clock in no time at all! Practice and have fun!

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