W – When Santa Was a Baby


When Santa Was a Baby written by Linda Bailey and illustrated by Genevieve Godbout (2015)

Santa was a an unusual baby. For one thing, he had merry little dimples and a nose like a cherry, and his first words were ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’. He would only wear red, and he had a strange curiosity about chimneys which covered his clothes in soot. As he grew older, he continued to be a little different (when he couldn’t get flying reindeer he trained his eight hamsters to pull a matchbox sleigh) but also very kind (he wrapped up all his birthday gifts and gave them to other children). When Santa became an adult, he moved to the North Pole and opened up a workshop. And, well… you know the rest of the story!


Don’t you ever wonder about the childhoods of famous people? Well, this just such an insight into Santa’s childhood. The illustrations of Santa’s baby face and bare bottom will entertain the little ones even before you start reading the story.

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