When You Just Have to Roar


When You Just Have to Roar! written by Rachel Robertson and illustrated by Priscilla Prentice (2015)

Ms. Mya’s class was a little out-of-control, that is until Ms. Mya called the group together for a very important morning meeting. Ms. Mya talked about expectations. Expectations are things that you are certain are going to happen, like a big hug from grandma when you haven’t seen her in a long time or a rainbow in a sunny sky after the rain. Together the class comes up with a list of expectations for classroom behavior. At the end of the day, Ms Mya’s shows the class another list, it’s what they can expect from her as their teacher. The next day in Ms. Mya’s class things go as expected.


Children don’t always know what the expectations are in every situation. It’s helpful to preview what they can expect and what is expected of them in different scenarios. How are expectations at the park different from expectations in a restaurant? What are some expectations they have at home?

If you’ve got the time and energy to make one or more of these bags, they could be invaluable for preparing kiddos for different events.

Ouchie Bag
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