Where Are My Books?


Where Are My Books? written and illustrated by Debbie Ridpath Ohi (2015)

Spencer loved books. He had a special book for every time of the day. And Spencer took very good care of his books. He always returned his books to their spot on his bookshelf so they were always ready for the next time he wanted to read them. Then one day his favorite bedtime story was missing. That night he had to choose a different book. It was okay, but it was his after-lunch story, not his bedtime story. The next morning that story was missing too. In fact, every day another book disappeared! Spencer was determined to find his books. He asked his father, his mother, even his little sister. But no one had seen his books. So that night Spencer set a trap to catch the book thief. And he caught a family of squirrels reading his books. Spencer had a great idea. He had the squirrels help him carry all his books back to his bookshelf and then he taught him how a library works. Now the squirrels could check out one book at a time and return it to him before they borrowed another one. So with the squirrels and his little sister, Spencer read his books aloud.


Where do you keep your books? Are they organized by size, color, theme, title, or author? Help your child find an organization system that works for him/her.

Then check out a library or bookstore. How are their books organized? Talk about why it’s important to have an organized system to store and find books.

Look at these fun new ways to store and display your favorite books!

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