Where Bear?


Where Bear? written and illustrated by Sophy Henn (2015)

Where does a bear cub go when he grows too big and bearish to live in the boy’s house anymore? The toy store? The zoo? The circus? The woods? A cave? The jungle? Finally, the boy comes up with the perfect place for his friend to live the rest of his days. The bear was happy and the boy was happy too. And although they lived far apart, they stayed very best friends.

I adore this story! Sophy Henn has gone into the minds of boys and bears to discover that love cannot be broken by distance. Even though they outgrow each other the boy and his bear keep in touch and still count on each other in times of need.

unnamed You don’t have to say good-bye to Bear just yet. Why not find a visual and maybe edible way to bring Bear to life with your child? These two websites have terrific ideas for recreating Bear in his natural habitat.

Art 2012 002

In the first site, ARTventurous, shows us how her first graders created polar bear portraits using construction paper and chalk. This can be easily modified for younger children.

January 2012 086

The second site, Blubabescreate, shows us how to make some pretty simple and enormously delicious cupcakes using coconut flakes and junior mints to decorate bear tracks in the snow.

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