Where is Pim?


Where is Pim? written by Lena Lanstrom and illustrated by Olof Landstrom (2015)

Pom is playing with his stuffed toy, Pim. He tosses Pim into the air so he can fly. Suddenly a brown and white dog jumps up, catches Pim in his mouth and runs off with him. Pom is sad. He looks everywhere for him. The brown and white dog helps him search under park benches, in the tall grass, and in the pond, but they can’t find Pim anywhere. Just when they are about to give up, another brown and white dog which looks exactly like the one helping Pom approaches with Pim in his mouth. He drops Pim on the ground in front of Pom and the two dogs run away together. Pom hugs Pim closely, neither one of them want to fly anymore.


Preschoolers will be delighted to find out that there are two identical looking dogs in the story. Once they figure out the surprise, they will be excited to reread the story and be proud that they ‘get the secret’ for themselves.

Have fun looking around the house or garden for things that could be almost identical. Can they find matching socks, spoons, flowers, birds, etc?

Play matching games.

Most preschool puzzles have matching pictures to help children find the correct placement for the pieces. childcraft-big-jumbo-knob-puzzles-12-x-16-inch-3-to-8-pieces-ea-set-of-4-203160-childcraft-puzzles-preschool-sets-3.gif

Match two halves of plastic eggs by color.easter-eggs-plastic

Or match colored pom-poms. 0ee6023c2f4641acc0c576cb6d564c3b

Older children can sort coins.1f22e2331d5e0ab39e9c98e667a51956Or begin matching letters or numbers.


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