Wherever You Go


Wherever You Go written by Pat Zietlow Miller and illustrated by Eliza Wheeler (2015)

Come along with the Bunny on his journey far away and back again. Bunny begins on his bicycle and is soon joined by new friends. Sometimes he gives them a ride on his bicycle and sometimes he straps his bicycle to a bus and joins others on their journeys. He travels the many roads across bridges, through valleys, and up mountains. And when he’s done, he pedals back home again.


With the flavor of Oh, The Places You’ll Go, this rhyming text is sure to please. And the illustrations are sweet and whimsical. It’s a perfect end of the school year book. Children begin looking forward to summer trips. It’s nice to remember that no matter where they go on vacation they will always come home again. This is especially true for those one-day trips.

Don’t forget to go over bicycle safety with your child before heading out. Then grab your helmet and take a bike ride today!


Will you be taking a road trip? Keep your kiddos looking out the window instead of at a monitor with car games like these.

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 Scavenger Huntbe8746aee83bda2c2163b36c26deef28

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