W – Who Needs a Bath?


Who Needs a Bath? written and illustrated by Jeff Mack (2015)

Who needs a bath? Skunk! PU, he stinks! But Skunk doesn’t like baths. Bear tries to show him how much fun a bath can be, but Skunk keeps tricking Bear into doing silly things. Then Bear breaks down and accidentally tells Skunk that if he doesn’t have a bath, no one will come to his birthday party. The rest of the animals join Bear in the pond for a giant bubble bath party. And Skunk slips on a bar of soap, bounces off the trampoline, across the swing, and down the slide into the pond. Finally, Skunk agrees that baths can be fun!


The bath time battle is played out as Bear tries to convince Skunk that baths are fun. Jumping, swinging, and sliding are all fun. But splashing in the water seems to be the most fun of all!

What will it take to get your little one into the tub? Try some of these fun ideas…

Make your own Bath PaintsbathpaintstitleFill the tub with pool noodles cut to small manageable sizes. fun math activitiesBlow bubbles right in the tub.7138d3c2f509bb3bc7e4e0bd72f4979c

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