Who Wants Broccoli?


Who Wants Broccoli? written and illustrated by Val Jones (2015)

Broccoli was a big, noisy, active dog who lived in Mr. and Mrs. Beasley’s Animal Shelter waiting for the perfect home. But nobody seemed to want a big, noisy, active dog. Broccoli tossed his water bowl in the air and caught it on his head. Broccoli barked every time the door bell jingled or the phone rang. Broccoli chased his tail in happy circles. But still no one wanted him. Then one day a big truck pulled up across the street. Oscar’s mom promised him that they could get a pet when they settled in. Broccoli really wanted to be that pet. But the very next day, Mr. Beasley put Broccoli in the back room because he was causing such a commotion. So when Oscar and his mother came to pick out the perfect pet, they didn’t see Broccoli. And Broccoli didn’t see them either. It wasn’t until Oscar returned looking for his lost ball, that Broccoli barked and barked and barked. Mr. Beasley had picked up the ball and left it in the back room. Broccoli knew Oscar wanted his ball. And that’s when Oscar found the perfect pet, a big, fun dog! And that’s when Broccoli found the perfect home!



Who wants Broccoli? After reading this story your little ones will be cheering for Broccoli! And who could blame them? Broccoli is the perfect pet for a big, noisy, active kid like Oscar. Talk about why Oscar and Broccoli are the perfect match. What pet would be a perfect match for you?

D is for Dog… Artwork and Letter Recognitionaa68c7afe5e102a27a1bbe6332d44ca5

Balloon Pets are quiet… until they pop!155f8b4a38b70075176d0e9ed1a82b0b

Anyone want a fun new way to serve broccoli? Try one of these yummy recipes.

Garlic Parmesan Broccoli 7ef76544685314b0a5b0968f45007aa9Broccoli Cheese Bites broccoli-cheese-bites-Pinterest-verticalBroccoli Apple Salad broccoli_apple_salad-650x975

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