Wild Feelings


Wild Feelings written and illustrated by David Milgrim (2015)

Explore feelings which are often attributed to animals… stubborn as a mule, small as a  mouse, daffy as a duck. Everyone feels like this at one time or another. It’s only natural. Kids will love the pictures of each child dressed up in an animal costume and adults dressed up too. But the favorite will certainly be the child who is naturally butt-naked running across the final page!


Explore your feelings and your animal side with easy to make masks. Here are some ideas, but really you will come up with so many more for yourself. They’re not hard to make… a little paper, glue, paint or crayons, scissors, and extra notions for whiskers, ears, mouths etc.

Paper Plates0abc78e5c77d63b70e112b322b69f296

Paper Bags8835251f5e97f935a26d40f798f48f95

Construction Paper 8b05d60a663d29cfdcd546dbc8aa999f

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