Won Ton and Chopstick


Won Ton and Chopstick written by Lee Lee Wardlaw and illustrated by Eugene Yelchin (2015)

 Won Ton the Siamese cat is in for a major life change when the new pup moves in. Boy and his sister name him Chopstick, but Won Ton is not impressed. The pup causes trouble for Won Ton making Boy banish him outside. Won Ton encourages the pup into mischief hoping Boy will see the error of his ways. Instead, Won Ton has a change of heart and names the pup Basho, friend.


This story is told in Haiku, an ancient Japanese form of poetry which is easy to read and fun for all ages.

Use any of the many haiku patterns to create your own poems with your older child. (Must know how to count syllables.)


Wouldn’t these PAW PRINTS be fun to make?  2e1458150ef765d9924289aabeb41cd3

Origami is another form of Japanese art. These might take a little practice, but so much fun to make!

origami-cat-group-300x184 origami-dogs-group-300x180



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