You and Me


You and Me written by Susan Verde and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds (2015)

The yellow cat muses what might have happened had many other things not happened on the day he met the purple cat. Maybe they would never have met or become best friends. He talks about serendipity…what if he had slept in, or if the clock had been slow, or if the weather had been rainy, or if the wind had not taken his hat. Any of these things, may have prevented him from meeting her. Instead a flat tire, a rock in his shoe, and a missed the train, gave them a reason to ride her bicycle built for two to the seaside fair and the beginning of a beautiful relationship… friends forever!

 I love how Susan Verde and Peter H. Reynolds have paired to create a beautifully rhymed and illustrated picture book about friendship. Words and pictures tell the story together, with each telling half the story.  The perfect partnership!


Make your own cat creations.



How about making a popsicle stick frame for a picture of you and your friend?


Make your friend a handprint valentine.


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