Your Alien


Your Alien written by Tammi Sauer and illustrated by Goro Fujita (2015)

Someday you’ll be looking your window when… This is the story of a boy who sees a baby alien crash land in his yard. He adopts the alien and takes him to school. The alien loves school and everyone loves the alien. After school, the boy sees things from a new perspective. But when it comes time to say good-night, the boy realizes that the alien is homesick. So he turns on every light in the house (and lots more outside) so that the baby alien’s parents can find him. The alien reunion is ‘out of this world’ but the boy is feeling a little lonely… when something wonderful happens.


This is a sweet story about an unusual friendship, and one that is sure to be a bedtime hit in many households.

Give your little one an extra big hug and send him/her off to a world of imagination.

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