Celebrate Every Day with a Picture Book

I’ve become obsessed with following holidays and celebrations for every day of the year.  Some are well-known, others are more obscure.  For every day of the year there are usually three or more recognized celebrations. They give me something to think about and enjoy throughout the day.  Who doesn’t like to know when National Donut Day is, or need an idea for how to celebrate Hug Your Iguana Day when you don’t own an iguana?  And more often than not, I think to myself, “I’ve got just the book for this!” So, I’ve decided to dedicate a page on my blog for these gems.  I will choose one of the ‘holidays’ for each day to celebrate a wonderful picture book.  I hope you will join me in celebrating every day with a picture book, or two, or more!

UnknownNote: These pages were created for 2014 holidays. Many of these days remain the same no matter what the year. Halloween is always on October 31st and Christmas is always December 25th. But some days change from year to year. President’s Day is always the third Monday of February regardless of the date and Mother’s Day is always the second Sunday of May regardless of the date. So as you view these book suggestions for specific days remember that they may not land on the same day every year and be flexible in making accommodations. Enjoy!

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