June 20 – Take Your Dog to Work Day

Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Children’s literature is chock-full of working dogs. Who are your favorite working dogs?

857445Officer Buckle and Gloria written and illustrated by Peggy Rathmann (1995)

Winner of the Caledcott Award, Officer Buckle and Gloria is a hilarious take on rules. Officer Buckle is the school’s safety officer. But his rules and lectures are often ignored by the students and teachers because of Officer Buckle’s boring delivery. However, when Officer Buckle brings his dog, Gloria, to one of his presentations the children sit up and take notice. Behind Officer Buckle’s droning, Gloria is entertaining and funny. As she steals the show, Gloria also teaches safety rules.

9719761Charlie the Ranch Dog written by Ree Drummond and illustrated by Diane deGroat (2011)

Charlie is a ranch dog who fancies himself a hard worker. In reality, Charlie basically follows along behind his mistress, Susie as she does all the chores on the ranch. Charlie is a lovable bassett hound. His favorite things in life are eating and sleeping.

406790Good Dog, Carl by Alexandra Day (1985)

Carl, the family dog is left in charge of the baby. In this wordless picture book, Carl’s story is told through the realistic pictures. Carl is a large protective Rottweiler. When mother leaves the house, Carl keeps baby safe and out of trouble.

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