June 22 – Chocolate Eclair Day

Happy Chocolate Eclair Day!

If you’re enjoying a french chocolate eclair treat today, you might want to enjoy it with a french picture book as well!

475339Madeline written and illustrated by Ludwig Bemelmans (1939)

Ludwig Bemelmans was not only the author of the Madeline series and other picture books, he was also an international gourmet. (I wonder if he also liked chocolate eclairs.) Madeline was the first in the series starring the youngest, bravest, and spunkiest of the twelve little girls who were under the care and tutelage of Miss Clavel, who judging by her habit should be called Sister Clavel. In this first book, Madeline shows that she isn’t afraid of the tiger at the zoo, or of walking across the  bridge on the handrail, but one night Miss Clavel comes rushing into the bedroom where the girls are sleeping to find Madeline sitting up in bed crying. Madeline ends up in the hospital to have her appendix taken out. The girls all come to visit her and are awed by her scar, but also by all the toys her Papa had sent her in the hospital. That night all the girls cry that they need their appendix out too!

Other books you might enjoy about Madeline:

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