June 24 – International Fairy Day

Happy Fairy Day!

Fans of fairy tales and fractured fairy tales have lots to celebrate today. Every fairy from the fairy godmother to the the tooth fairy are celebrated in picture books. Here are some you may have missed.

44599Dear Tooth Fairy written by Alan Durant and illustrated by Vanessa Cabban (2003)

When Holly loses her tooth, she isn’t sure she wants to give it to the tooth fairy, so she writes the tooth fairy a letter instead. This story is an exchange of letters between Holly and the tooth fairy. Each letter comes out of the book for authenticity of the delivery.

614769Little Bunny Foo Foo written by The Good Fairy and illustrated by Paul Brett Johnson (2004)

This sing-along story tells what happens when little bunny Foo Foo does not listen to the Good Fairy. It seems little bunny Foo Foo just can’t stop picking up the field mice (and other woodland creatures) and bopping them on the head. The Good Fairy tries her best to teach him good manners and gives him three chances to change his ways. But in the end the Good Fairy has to turn him into a Goon!

120847Alice the Fairy written and illustrated by David Shannon (2004)

Alice, little sister to David of the No David! fame, proves to be just a naughty as her brother. Alice is a temporary fairy, or a fairy in training. She can do things like turn her dad’s cookies into hers, but she can’t do harder magic like make her clothes put themselves away yet. Alice wants to be a permanent fairy, so she keeps working at it and in doing so she ends up in all kinds of trouble.

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