June 27 – Sunglasses Day

Happy Sunglasses Day!

Don your favorite pair of sunglasses and get out and enjoy your day!

17349277Pete the Dat and His Magic Sunglasses written and illustrated by Kimberly and James Dean (2013)

Pete the Cat is grumpy today, until he gets a new pair of cool, blue, sunglasses from his friend Grumpy Toad, who isn’t really grumpy. With a new outlook on life, Pete sees that this isn’t such a bad day after all, as a matter of fact it’s a kind of awesome day! Then Pete stumbles and breaks his sunglasses. It’s a good thing his friend, Wise Old Owl, is there to remind him to look for the good in everyday. Pete learns that he doesn’t need cool, blue, sunglasses to be happy.

1369583The Blues of Flats Brown written by Walter Dean Myers and illustrated by Nina Laden (2000)

Flats Brown is a sunglass wearing, blues playing, junkyard dog from Mississippi who runs away from a dogfighting owner, with his friend Caleb. The junkyard owner, A. J. Grubbs follows them to Shanty Town, Memphis, and then New York City. Each time they run away, the last time without Caleb who is too old to keep running. The two realize that the only reason A.J. Grubbs is so mean is that nobody understands him. The last time he comes for the Flats Brown, Flats plays him a song he wrote called ‘The Gritty Grubbs Blues’. Tears start streaming down Grubbs face and he ‘picked himself up and walked right out the door’. Seems all he ever wanted was for someone to show him a little love. And Flats Brown grabs his guitar and goes back to his old friend Caleb, where they sit around on the waterfront playing their favorite tunes.

685922Beach Babies Wear Shades written by Michelle Sinclair Colman and illustrated by Nathalie Dion (2007)

One in a series of Urban Baby board books, little beach babies wear sunglasses when going out.  Cute pictures show babies getting ready with sunscreen, hats, and glasses. They hang-ten and have a great time at the beach.

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