June 4 – Hug Your Cat Day

Happy Hug Your Cat Day!

Cat lovers don’t need to be told to hug their furry friends, and people without cats don’t have one to hug. This is a very confusing holiday for me! But, guess what! I have some great kitty cat books to share with you. And you can always hug a book!

233093The Cat in the Hat written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss (1957)

Generations of children have been hugging this classic for almost 60 years now! It’s on everyone’s go-to list of children’s literature for good reason. It’s funny, easy-to-read, and has just enough mischief to be an exciting page turner.


Farmer Smart’s Fat Cat written by James Sage and illustrated by Russell Ayto (2001)

Farmer Smart has two neighbors, Farmer Boast and Farmer Bluster. And each farmer thinks his cornfield is the best. When mice move into the cornfields, Farmer Boast and Farmer Bluster go about building super secret mousetraps that don’t work. But Farmer Smart gets a cat. When Farmer Boast and Farmer Bluster see that none of the mice are in Farmer Smart’s fields anymore they plan to steal the cat, which isn’t as easy as they thought. Then Farmer Smart shows them where she is and politely offers to give each of them a kitten. Now Farmer Boast and Farmer Bluster and Farmer Smart all have fat cats, and of course each one thinks his cat is the best.

1216770Lazy Cat written by Thomas Danner and illustrated by Francois Crozat

Mr. Domingo had a mouse problem in his garden so he got a tomcat and named him Whiskers. The problem was that Whiskers was not good a catching mice, he was really a sleepyhead. But when Mr. Domingo takes Whiskers’ food away until he catches a mouse, Whiskers goes out on a hunt. When he finds a mouse and explains his dilemma, the mouse agrees to help. The next day they put on a big show of mouse catching. Mr. Domingo rewards Whiskers with a big bowl of milk and a hunk of cheese, which Whiskers shares with his friend. Then they take a nap.

707710Six-Dinner Sid written and illustrated by Inga Moore (1991)

Sid is a black cat who lives in six different houses under six different names and eats six different dinners every night. None of the neighbors realize that they all own the same cat until one day when Sid gets a bad cough. They all take him to the vet where the vet suspects it is the same cat who keep coming back. He calls all the neighbors who don’t like that Sid has been lying to them. So Sid moves to another street where the people don’t mind that he lives in six different houses and gets six different dinners.


Lost Cat written and illustrated by C. Roger Mader (2013)

You can read my complete review and recommendation of Lost Cat below.


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