July 14 – International Nude Day

Happy Nude Day!

Anyone who has ever spent any time with preschoolers knows how much they love to run around nude. And the middle of summer is a very good time to celebrate the joys of running through a sprinkler au natural. Actually, being nude is often one of the first things that helps little ones connect bodily functions with using the potty. But if you just can’t strip down to your birthday suit, maybe a little picture book or two will help you celebrate the day.

18352657Naked! written by Michael Ian Black and illustrated by Debbie Ridpath Ohi (2014)

This is my favorite new book about nakedness! The child in this story revels in the pure joy of running naked through the house after a bath. Read my full book review and recommendation here. https://julianaleewriter.com/2014/04/29/naked/

1062516No, David! written and illustrated by David Shannon (1998)

For 16 years now, children have enjoyed reading about David’s naughtiness. Throughout the book, his mother repeats phrases like, ‘No, David!’ and ‘Settle down, David!’. But at the end of day, after all the mischief David causes his mother still says ‘I love you, David!’. Of course the reason this book is posted today is because everyone’s favorite picture spread is when David runs bare-butt down the street after his bath, with his mother calling ‘Come back here, David!’.

408766George and Martha, The Complete Stories of Two Best Friends written and illustrated by James Marshall (1997)

In this book, the reader hears five stories about George and Martha, two best friends who don’t always see eye to eye. In one story, George learns that it’s not polite to spy on someone taking a bath… privacy please!

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