July 16 – Personal Chef’s Day

Happy Personal Chef’s Day!

Whether you are one, want one, or have one, this is your day!


I Want to be a Chef written by Dan Liebman (2012)

Photographic non-fiction of what it’s like to be a chef. Diverse photos show children that chefs come from all walks of life. It’s what a chef does that unites them all. Dan Liebman describes a chef’s job in simple to read and understand text.


The Best Chef in Second Grade written by Katharine Kenah and illustrated by Abby Carter (2007)

Technically an early reader, not a picture book, this book has pictures accompanying the text on every page. It is a simple story about a boy named Ollie who wants to be the best at something in second grade. When the famous TV celebrity Chef Antonia is invited to his class, Ollie begins preparing. The assignment is to bring a family favorite to school on Friday. Ollie is a great cook, but his family doesn’t have a favorite food. Eventually he settles on macaroni and cheese (with a face, for his little sister) and learns that Chef Antonia always had a face on her food when she was little too! Now Ollie knows what he’s the best at in second grade… the best chef!

4414904The Snow Show with Chef Kelvin written and illustrated Carolyn Fisher (2008)

This is a fanciful approach to teaching the science behind snow. Snowman, Chef Kelvin, has his own TV cooking show. Chef Kelvin shares the recipe for making snow in nature with his sous chefs Snow White and Jack Frost. The reader is taken on a behind the scenes tour of the show as well as participating in audience experiences. Page by page, scientific terms are explained in easy to read and understand text.

610617Emeril’s There’s a Chef in My Family! written by Emeril Lagasse, illustrated by Charles Yuen, and photographs by Quentin Bacon (2004)

Though technically not a picture book, this 200+ page cookbook written by world famous chef, Emeril Lagasse, incorporates pictures and photographs on every page with each recipe. The Index includes such topics as A Good Cook is a Safe Cook, Beautiful Beginnings, The Bread Box, Sensational Salads, Souper-Duper Soups and Sandwiches, Snack Attack, Time for Dinner, Sides That Sizzle, and Sweet Endings. Open any page to find a complete Emeril Lagasse recipe, an illustration of the dish or major ingredients, and a photo of Emeril and/or various other members of his family. The main message is that food is a joy to cook and eat, and that family makes even the best dishes more delicious!

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