July 2 – I Forgot Day

Today is I Forgot Day!

Hope you don’t forget anything important today!

246529Don’t Forget the Bacon! written and illustrated by Pat Hutchins (1976)

It’s a short shopping list, but on the way to the market the little boy gets distracted and substitutes funny things for what’s actually on his list. For example he remembers ‘six fat legs’ for ‘six farm eggs’. Eventually he remembers everything on his list except the bacon and has to return to the store. Repetitive phrasing makes it fun to read.

279305I Just Forgot written and illustrated by Mercer Mayer (1988)

Poor Little Critter, he doesn’t mean to make so much trouble but he always forgets important things like turning off the water or his lunchbox. In his quest to be independent he remembers some things but forgets others. He remembers to brush his teeth, but he forgets to make his bed. Luckily for Little Critter, he remembers the important thing… his family loves him!

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