July 20 – Space Exploration Day

Happy Space Exploration Day!

310456Baloney (Henry P.) written by Jon Scieszka and illustrated by Lane Smith (2005)

This multilingual tall tale is the story of an alien, Henry P. Baloney who has to explain why he is seven minutes late for school… again!  If not, he will have to serve a permanent lifelong detention. Henry explains how he lost, then found, his zimulis (pencil, Latvian) and ends up in a  razzo (rocket, Italian) which ends up on the planet Astrosus (unlucky, Latin) where he draws such funny piksas (pictures, Milanesian Pidgin) that they crown him Kuningas (king, Estonian), but he forgets the word for ‘thank you’ and accidentally uses the word for ‘doofbrain’ so they send him back in a sighing flosser (flying saucer, Spoonerism). Luckily for Henry, this morning the class is writing tall tales and his teacher sends him to his seat to work on the assignment.

2947995We’re Off to Look for Aliens written and illustrated by Colin McNaughton (2007)

Two books in one!  Dad writes picture books for children. When his first book arrives in the mail in shows is to his family. They read the story (in rhyme) of how Dad and the family dog go on a trip to outer space, meet a lovely alien lady, and bring her home and raise a family. The family reads this book (inside the covers of the first book) and then tell Dad they’re not sure people would like to read it because it’s a true story about their family and not a fairy tale like the ones they usually like to read!

14452550Space Exploration written by Christine Dugan (2012)

From the Goodreads page: “Learn about outer space exploration, from the Hubble telescope to the latest space shuttle launches, in this delightful nonfiction title! Readers will learn about famous astronauts, the history of exploring space, and what the future holds for space exploration through vivid images and photographs, informative text, and intriguing facts. With a glossary and index, readers will want to to learn all they can about exploring space!” Sounds informative!

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