July 23 – National Hot Dog Day

Happy Hot Dog Day!

197512The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog! written and illustrated by Mo Willems (2004)

What a great book about sharing, or at the very least about convincing someone to give you something you want by being annoying and persistent! Just as Pigeon is taking the first bite, Duckling shows up asking his not-so-innocent questions. ‘Is that a hot dog?’ ‘What do they taste like?’ ‘Would you say that it tastes like chicken?’ Eventually Pigeon can’t take it any more and shares with Duckling.

11214973Dear Hot Dog written and illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein (2011)

This collection of poems explores the everyday feelings of everyday things. The poems read from beginning to end, take the reader on a journey of three children’s everyday lives from waking up in the morning, to going to bed at night, and everything in between. Titles include Toothbrush, Socks, Kite, Summer Sun, Ice-Cream Cone, Books, Spaghetti, Pillow, and of course Hot Dog!


(Photo copied from Mark Lang’s blog Mark Likes Hot Dogs)

1954823 Hotter Than a Hot Dog written by Stephanie Calmenson and illustrated by Elivia (1994)

Granny and her granddaughter were suffering in the city heat. They sat on their stoop trying to decide who was hotter. The girl was hotter than a hot dog in a campfire; Granny was hotter than a salamander in the sun; the girl was hotter than a turkey in the oven. They tried to cool themselves off with a fan outdoing each other with the strength of the fan. Granny decides they should take a trip to the beach to cool off. They played and splashed and ate ice cream until the sun went down – and they were cold. They began describing how cold they were … colder than a popsicle on a stick, colder than a big ol’ snow lady, colder than a turkey in the freezer. So they packed up their things and went back home to their stoop where a cool evening breeze greeted them at the door.

3143514Cool Cat, Hot Dog written and illustrated by Sandy Turner (2005)

Torn and cut paper create the images of the cool cat and the hot dog on every page. Cats and dogs are compared and contrasted with each other along specific trait lines. ‘I’m feline. I’m canine’ and ‘I play the fiddle. I howl at the moon.’ are just two examples of the text. Whether you are a cat-lover or a dog-lover, you’ll be sure to love these two fellas!

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