July 24 – National Cousins Day

Happy Cousins Day!

7789231Dear Primo, A Letter to My Cousin written and illustrated by Duncan Tonatiuh (2010)

Cousins Carlitos and Charlie live in different countries. Carlitos lives on a farm in Mexico. Charlie lives in a city in America. The cousins wonder about how their lives are different and begin a series of letters to each other. In their letters, they compare their homes, how they get to school, sports, their favorite foods, what games they like to play, what they do with their parents, and holiday celebrations. Then they have an idea, the same idea, ‘My primo should come visit me!’

2815579My Cousin Katie written and illustrated by Michael Garland (1989)

The narrator tells the reader about his cousin Katie. Katie lives on a farm where she collects eggs from the chickens and helps to weed the lettuce patch. She picks apples and bunches of wild flowers. And sometimes Katie has a picnic by the pond and stays there all day until the cows come home. But the best thing about the farm is that the narrator gets to visit his cousin Katie the very next day!

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