April 20 – Easter

Happy Easter!

Easter is a religious holiday which has secular popularity.  Easter is celebrated by Christians around the world and is linked to the Jewish Passover celebration with the blood of the Lamb that saves the people. Followers of Christ prepare for Easter with prayer and fasting, the Easter celebration of the Risen Christ is then marked with a feast and indulgences of sweets and gifts for children.

There are many Easter picture books for children, both religious and secular. Be sure to check out your local library and bookstores for old and new favorites.


2816289 240776 7151485 10636282Here Comes the Easter Cat written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Claudia Rueda (2014)

Brand new book with a funny twist to story telling. Easter Cat is sure to appeal to both parents and children. Cat is grumpy. He’s jealous because everyone loves the Easter Bunny. Cat decides that will deliver Easter eggs from a motorcycle so that he can beat the Easter Bunny. But when he learns that he can’t take naps, not even one, not even a little one, he thinks about giving up the job. Then the Easter Bunny arrives with an egg for Cat. The Easter Bunny is so tired that Cat decides that he will deliver the eggs himself while the Easter Bunny takes a nap in the sidecar of his motorcycle. When he returns home, he announces that next he will be the Santa Cat. “Oh, good grief.”

This is a darling little story told through text and picture placards held by the Cat. Although it is written as a holiday book, I can imagine it will become a favorite year around.

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