April 25 – National Telephone Day

“Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.”  -Alexander Graham Bell  April 25, 1876

Since then, we have been fascinated with telephones, everything from two tin cans connected with a string to internet masterpieces of communication. Children learn to use the phone almost as soon as they can talk. And so do dogs… dogs who can talk that is!  From the author of Martha Speaks, comes Martha Calling.  Susan Meddaugh entertains us with Martha, the talking dog.  In this episode, Martha uses the phone to call a radio station and wins a family vacation. The only problem is that pets are not allowed.  So her family disguises her as grandma, which may have worked had she not been found out by the hotel room service. In the end, Martha convinces the hotel management to accept pets and Martha becomes the hotel’s new hostess for the summer.

707691Some other telephone books you and your children may enjoy are:

3868711 352791 1407894 7376154

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