April 6 – Army Day

Army Day

(Not to be confused with Armed Forces Day, May 17th)

Army Day is the anniversary of the day that the United States entered World War I.

On April 4, 1936, President Roosevelt issued a proclamation that Army Day be recognized by Congress as April 6 and observed nationwide. On March 1, 1937, Congress passed Resolution 5-75 which officially recognized Army Day. Army Day was last observed nationally on April 6, 1949.

1863829-2H is for Honor, A Military Family Alphabet written by Devin Scillian and illustrated by Victor Juhasz is an alphabet book you won’t want to miss. As a military brat myself, I found this picture book emotionally moving. For anyone who has ever known a military man or woman, you will have goosebumps reading this picture book.309925-2Another wonderful picture book to share today is My Red Balloon written by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Kay Life. And I won’t lie, this one brought me to tears!  It’s about a little boy whose daddy is in the Navy.  He is waiting for his daddy’s ship to come in.  His daddy has been gone for so long that the little boy is holding a red balloon that says ‘Welcome Home’ so his daddy will know who he is. The string is too tight around his wrist, and when he goes to loosen it, the balloon floats away.  The little boy cries because he doesn’t think his daddy will recognize him without the balloon.  Now, before I start crying again, let’s just say his daddy sees him and knows who is he right away.  If this doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, I don’t know what will.  Again, it’s not about the Army, but tells a universal story about the fear of being forgotten or unrecognizable to your loved ones serving in the military.

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