April 8 – Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

If you are more of an appreciator of art than an artist, like I am, you’ll appreciate these picture books with pictures of birds today.  Enjoy Draw a Picture of a Bird Day with some of my bird-favorites.


Lois Ehlert not only wrote several beautiful picture books, she also illustrated them.  In Feathers for Lunch, Lois Ehlert  tells the story of a cat trying to catch his own lunch.  Her unique illustrations, show twelve different birds that got away from the cat, leaving him only feathers for lunch.

Two other picture books written and illustrated by the same person are Salina Yoon’s Penguin and the Pinecone and Oliver Dunrea’s Gossie.   13513416Penguine and Pinecone is a sweet story about a penguin who finds a pinecone in the snow and tries to keep him.  But he soon realizes that the pinecone cannot live on the ice, so he takes him to the forest so he can grow.  Penguin goes back to the forest later and visit his friend pinecone and finds that pinecone has grown into a beautiful tree.  Salina Yoon’s illustrations are so simple and perfect for her story.


Gossie, written and illustrated by Oliver Dunrea, is also a sweet and perfect picture book for little ones.  Gossie has a pair of bright red boots that she wears everyday.  That is, until they are lost.  She looks and looks for her boots and finally finds them on another gosling.  The two become friends and Gossie shares her boots with her new friend, Gertie.  It’s a lovely story and one of my new favorites.


Owl Babies is a gorgeous picture book.  It’s everything I look for personally in a picture book.  It has simply enchanting pictures of three little owl babies perched on a branch waiting for their mother to get home.  Martin Waddell wrote this tale of worry, anticipation, and reunion in 1996, and it is still a favorite among children and parents alike.  But today, I chose this book for it’s illustrations.  Patrick Benson brought those little owl babies to live with his soft illustrations.

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