August 10 – Lazy Day

Happiness is  Lazy Day!


One of my favorite poem by Shel Silverstein, Lazy Jane.



Lazy Lion written by Mwenye Hadithi and illustrated by Adrienne Kennaway (1990)

Lion is the king of the jungle, but he is also very lazy. He sees the storm clouds coming so he commands the other animals to build him a home. He won’t live in the home the ants built because it’s underground, and he can’t fit through the door of the home the bees made. The birds made their homes too high in the tree and the honey badger’s home is too small for him. Eventually the rain did come and everyone else hurried to their homes, but the lazy lion had no place to go so he had to sit outside in the rain. Even today, when it rains all the animals go home except the lion who sits outside.


The Very Lazy Ladybug written by Isobel Finn and illustrated by Jack Tickle (2002)

The very lazy ladybug was so lazy that she never learned how to fly. She slept night and day. One day she decided that she wanted to sleep somewhere else, but she couldn’t fly so she hitched a ride with various animals. The kangaroo was too  jumpy for a good sleep, the tiger was too loud, the monkey made her dizzy, and the bear was too itchy. Finally she hitched a ride with the elephant who seemed perfect, until he sneezed. Then the very lazy ladybug had to fly at last!

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