August 11 – Play in the Sand Day

Happy Play in the Sand Day!


Sea, Sand, Me! written by Patricia Hubbell and illustrated by Lisa Campbell Ernst (2011)

Light-hearted rhyming book about a family’s day at the beach. With a floppy hat and lotion this little girl is ready to play in the surf and sand with her dolly and her pig. Then she meets a little boy and they build a giant sand castle and dress up in seaweed and shells. Together they dance and jump about in the waves then share cookies and lemonade on a beach blanket. They bounce beach balls and collect shells, then it’s time to go home. They pack everything up and wave good-bye.


Snow Dog, Sand Dog written by Linda Joy Singleton and illustrated by Jess Golden (2014)

This is a sweet story about a little girl named Ally who was allergic to dogs. She couldn’t have one of her own, so all year long she created her own dogs out of flowers, sand, leaves, and snow. As each season passes, Ally says goodbye to her dog until she can build another one. Her friends all say that there’s no such thing as a flower dog, or a sand dog, or a leaf dog, or a snow dog, but each time Ally replies ‘Yes there is’ and goes ahead and plays with her dog all season.

1146243Sand Castle written by Brenda Shannon Yee and illustrated by Thea Kliros (1999)

A group of children work together to build a sand castle. One builds the castle, one digs the moat, one digs a path to the lake, one builds the wall, one raked a road.  ‘The castle rose higher, the moat dipped deep, the path flowed long, the wall stood strong, and the road lay wide and welcoming.’ And when it was time to go home… they all jumped on it and smashed it together.

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