August 14 – National Navajo Code-Talkers Day

Happy Navajo Code-Talkers Day

During World War II, the United States Marine Corps recruited twenty-nine Navajos to invent a code for radio messages. It was so successful that no one was able to crack it. It wasn’t until 1982 that the Navajo were publicly credited for their contribution to the war effort, when President Ronald Reagan honored the surviving Navajo code talkers.

Learn more about the Navy’s Navajo Code-Talkers HERE.

Below are two excellent picture books introducing older children to the Navajo people. These books are full of information, everything from the migration of the people from Asia to North America during the ice ages to modern life. Children will learn about the homes, government, rituals, literature, art, ceremonies, education, history, and lifestyles of the Navajo people.


Navajo History and Culture written by Helen Dwyer and photography by D. L. Birchfield (2012)


The Navajo: A Proud People by Allison Lassieur (2005)



Navajo ABC: A Dine Alphabet Book written by Luci Tapahonso and Eleanor Schick and illustrated by Eleanor Schick (1999)

This ABC books provides a simpler look at the Navajo people for younger children. With just a little detail per page, young readers will get a sense of the Navajo and their history.

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