Brief Thief


Brief Thief written by Michael Escoffier and illustrated by Kris DiGiacomo (2013)

What happens after Leon eats a nice breakfast and then has to poo? Why he goes to the nearest tree to take care of business, of course. But what happens when he notices the empty toilet paper tube? That’s where the story gets really interesting!

Leon looks around and spies an old pair of underpants hanging from a branch. After using the underpants to clean himself, he hears a voice admonishing him to scrub those underpants clean and hang them back in the tree, maybe it’s his conscience…


maybe it’s an underpants-wearing-bunny-superhero.



What can you do with an empty toilet paper tube?

Try out some of these fun creations with your little reader.

Or come up with some of your own.


Make your own lizard and bunny to retell the story.

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Make your own superhero.

And just for fun…

Why don’t you read the story again… wearing your underwear on your head?


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