December 1 – Antarctica Day

Happy Antarctica Day!

The North Pole gets a lot of attention in December, but today we start the month with an observance of the South Pole.


The Natural World Antarctica written by Steve Goldsworthy (2014)

Photographs enhance the information given in this non-fiction book for children. Older picture book readers will love pouring over each page for facts and details about the continent, the plant and animal life, ecosystems and habitats, biomes, and conservation of Antarctica.


Explore My World: Penguins written by Jill Esbaum (2014)

Written for National Geographic Kids, this book is a beautiful introduction to the South Pole’s most famous inhabitants, the emperor penguins. The striking photographs give young readers a view into a world most people have never seen first-hand. And Jill Esbaum guides them through this world with easy to understand descriptions of this wondrous bird.

537385North Pole South Pole written by Nancy Smiler Levinson and illustrated by Diane Dawson Hearn (2002)

Non-fiction book for young readers, this book helps children take a look at the similarities and differences between the north and south poles. Easy vocabulary makes this a great introduction to the geographic polar opposites on earth.

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